Browserweb’s Still Blazing Fast at 1.2 Seconds as at November 15, 2022






Browserweb’s Desktop Page Speed League


We are WordPress designers and developers who wanted a web hosting platform optimized for fast mobile-first designed websites.

We tried many of the other hosts in the early days and decided on creating our own supersonic web hosting servers based on our knowledge and experience.

Certainly, our results would appear to vindicate that we know how to optimize mobile websites for page speed.  Read the reviews below.

If you're looking for a fast loading WordPress or Woocommerce mobile driven website you should consider Browserweb . If you have any questions, feel free to ask.





May 2019

1.   |    1.2sBrowserweb
2.   |    1.8sSiteground
3.   |   3.5sInMotion
4.   |  3.8siPage
5.   |  4.4sPressable
6.   |  4.7sBlueHost
7.   |  5.1sPantheon

Desktop Page Speed League

8.      |     6.6sLiquidweb
9.      |    8.8sDreamHost
10.   |    9.1sFlywheel
11.   |   11.2sGoDaddy
12.   |   12.8sA2 Hosting
13.   |   15.4sMediaTemple
14.   |  19.8sWPEngine









WPEngine, GoDaddy, MediaTemple & DreamHost


Big players in the web host industry have failed for years to meet acceptable page speed standards, yet the consumers flock to the commercial advertising and incentive-based offers for basically sub-par WordPress hosting.

It's time people look at the boutique web hosts and consider a personal experience that will engage both for speed and security, two important factors for the business owner(s), as well as the visitors and clients.