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7.8 seconds
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3.6 seconds
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6.4 seconds
page speed.


3.5 seconds
page speed.


4.7 seconds
page speed.


1.2 seconds
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When you host with Browserweb, you know that we’ve got all the expertise needed to help you maximize your brand on the cluttered and busy highways of the internet.

Hire a Webmaster

$100 per hr

Our Webmaster Services are for Web Design, Web Development, Paid and Search Marketing and related digital services.


Managed Web Hosting

$25 pm

Our Managed Web Hosting is the most popular service. Learn more about our Bullet-Proof Hosting Plans and sign up today!


Shared Web Hosting

$12 pm

Our Shared Web Hosting is affordable with a Do-it-yourself management system.  We are still here to help when needed though!


Vanity Brands

offer one time

Looking for a premium, ready-made brand with a collection of matching domains? Visit Vanity and review our current portfolio for sale.


Select a Secure Managed Hosting Plan

Why Managed?  We take care of updating your website, making sure it’s running at optimal speed and efficiency and lock down access to potential hackers with our double authentication login.  On top of that we include anti-spam email protection that stops spam at the door.  No more hassles, which leaves you focused on your business or personal blogging tasks.

We Make WordPress Websites SuperCharged

Where you host WordPress is a defining decision in how it performs. We host our own websites on the same server configuration as our clients.  Hence we’re invested in performance just as much as you.  We’ve got knowledge and experience and hence it’s a great choice to opt for our Managed WordPress from Browserweb. This shared hosting solution is geared towards performance of a high-end system but at a fraction of its cost.

Page Speed Matters - Just ask Google

A lethargic WordPress driven website means lost revenue.  That’s a killer, truly. If you want to keep your new visitors and customers coming back, your selected WordPress Hosting provider had better be able to keep up. Browserweb’s Bullet Proof Managed WordPress Hosting Servers are developed at core code level to make resource-heavy WordPress deployments run faster.

Browserweb’s servers ensure your website page-load times are super fast. With the option to serve your website and images via a managed content delivery network (CDN), your site’s content is cached on servers all over the world, significantly reducing latency to serve customers where-ever they are,  in super-efficient time.

Our Guarantee is Peace of Mind

Web Hosting Built for Protection, Reliability, Scalibility and Speed
by Qualified Network Administrators and Web Developers.

Client Services


Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
provided for Browserweb’s
Corporate clientele.


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