We’ve Backed You Up

One daily backup, one weekly backup and one monthly backup, should disaster happen and you haven’t backed up your website, we’ve got your back.

Accidents do happen, even though you have several methods of backup available on your own, from cPanel to using a cloud provider or a WordPress backup plugin to focus just on the website content and database itself.

We’ve seen it happen and rescued many websites that did not have any backup or the backup they had was infected or damaged. Rest assured, we have regular backups to enable roll back and restoration of your website if necessary.

Offsite Backup

If that wasn't enough, we also take another copy of the daily backups and send them offsite, so they are available for immediate retrieval if needed. For example, the storage web server that holds your data crashes and is corrupted.  No need to panic, we can install from the offsite backup a copy of your website onto a new server or servers. In other words we backup the backup. We're pretty big on backup if you didn't notice.