Revealed: The Web Hosting Secrets companies don’t want Affiliates to know

I tell you this because over here at Browserweb, we like people. It’s important that you understand the small print of any offer.

We understand emotional needs versus being sold an opportunity which is deceptive and misleads the consumer or, in this story, the partner or affiliate.

What am I referring to exactly? In this post, WPEngine Web Hosting Affiliate Program.* *

WPEngine has 3 core Web Hosting Plans affiliates can sell. These plans pay the affiliate either $200 per sale or $290 for the top plan. It’s a one-time payment. The web hosting plans, however, run indefinitely, e.g. for the life of the customer (known as the lifetime value or LTV).

Our Flight 333 Partnership Program pays you a monthly recurring income for the life of the customer, e.g. as long as they are subscribers to our hosting and add-on services. The partner (affiliate) receives commission every single month or year. It can amount to a substantial revenue or annuity payment to affiliates.

As an example, if you sold a Scale Plan (hosting plan) from WPEngine, you obtain $290.

If you sold the same plan using Browserweb’s affiliate model, you’d earn $5,742*.

That’s right, nearly six grand.

WPEngine relies on a “factoring” principle in their marketing sales deck to affiliates. They go on the knowledge that affiliates have costs to pay and a “sweet deal” of a lumpsum payment over a drip-feed monthly payment will sway the decision.

The big secret the Web Hosting industry doesn’t want to tell you is in the LTV. Hosting clients will generally stay for several years with a web hosting company.

That’s why I think it’s very important to let the public know about the “Factoring” sales pitch. It’s not a sweet deal for the affiliate, it’s an absolutely fantastic ROI for the web hosting company.

Affiliates cost cents on the dollar to these companies. It’s unlike SEO, PPC and other advertising which is competitive and super expensive.

Affiliates, don’t sell yourselves short. You are worth far more than a couple of hundred bucks.

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*Lifetime Value (LTV) of customer is 5 years+

** The example here focuses on WPEngine, but it’s an industry standard today as nearly all web hosting companies are guilty of offering flat, one-time commission fees.