Protect your Business against these Interruptions

Browserweb has reviewed all of these security issues and created a detailed solution to reducing the potential for your website to go down.

A boutique business ourselves, we need to know our servers are secure and have the best anti-hacking software and backup protection installed at all times.

As a web hosting provider and web developers, we know the many reasons why your website is vulnerable for attack and one of the biggest is the fact clients don’t know or don’t have time to correctly backup and make sure the plugins and code on their website is maintained and up-to-date.

We’ve optimized our Servers for Business Security

The fact that so many businesses are relying on their website to generate income daily means every hour or day a website is down is met with consumer complaints.

This puts the business owner and staff under a lot of stress to get the website back up and running quickly.

More than not, clients will host with GoDaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator or similar web hosting companies as they offer “cheap” hosting with many security and protection features not provided as standard.

The problem with that is you’re also getting low value protection that in the long term could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix.

“Times Site Is Disrupted in Attack by Hackers,
the result of a malicious external attack.”

The problem is hackers can inject malicious code

This code can be difficult to find and/or remove.

WordPress is a super platform for small businesses and corporations that allows a lot of flexibility to admin users to control content once it’s been designed and setup by your web designer.

At Browserweb we’ve watched WordPress grow from a blogging platorm into a full scale, dynamic, database driven content management system (CMS).

Unfortunately, that comes with increased responsibilities.

Advanced Firewall

When it comes to finding the right web host for your WordPress or Woocommerce website, it’s important that your hosting company is an expert in their chosen profession.

We’re WordPress website designers, web developers and our network admins are extremely talented with WordPress too.

We’ve configured our web servers specifically for this leading content management system.

Intrusion Detection & Protection

In our opinion, cPanel for customer access to administer their website, domain and email as well as other tasks is the best.

Not only are they headquartered out of Houston, we’ve retained staff that have worked with this leading provider in the past.

It’s a super easy way for you to manage your hosting account and you can login directly from your account at Browserweb.

Malware Detection

One daily backup, one weekly backup and one monthly backup, should disaster happen and you haven’t backed up your website, we’ve got your back.

Accidents do happen, even though you have several methods of backup available on your own, from cPanel to using a cloud provider or a WordPress backup plugin to focus just on the website content and database itself.

We’ve seen it happen and rescued many websites that did not have any backup or the backup they had was infected or damaged. Rest assured, we have regular backups to enable roll back and restoration of your website if necessary.

Reputation Management

Your Account at Browserweb is designed with all devices in mind, which means it looks and works perfectly on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

Need to pay a bill on the go or send us an urgent support ticket from your phone? No problem.

Wish to add funds to your account so you can make advance payments at any time, that’s easy too.

Wish to ask a question? We’ve a comprehensive set of visual FAQ’s and if that’s not enough, just send us a support ticket for a quick response.





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