Web Host Pricing Comparison Report | WPEngine

WP Engine has redesigned their website in 2018 and also increased the pricing of their website hosting. Here's the 3 core plans;

WP Engine charges per WordPress website installation. At Browserweb we allow unlimited installations across all our plans.

With expensive add-ons that you obtain for free at Browserweb, comparing our hosting plan rates, the costs are exorbitant - and they don't even offer email hosting.


Browserweb's Pricing and Features

Apparently making a WP into a network (multisite) is a $20 per month add-on at WPEngine.  It's free at Browserweb.

WPEngine is just up the road from Houston, it's head office based in beautiful Austin.

Austin is renowned for it's startups and tech vibes. Millennials flock to gain work in the city, primarily because of the culture and working for tech companies comes with a lot of perks.

WPEngine fall into this category. However, as an investor backed startup that just obtained another recent chunk of investor cash, results are required.

In this case, the consumer is paying for the lavish working benefits with fees and add-on features that make this WordPress Hosting company an expensive choice.