Web Host Pricing Comparison Report | FlyWheel

FlyWheel is a beautiful website and the UX for both the visitor and the customer is well thought out.

The snag is that you're paying a hefty premium for add-ons that are free at Browserweb. This makes FlyWheel online art to admire, but we recommend you save your dollars for Browserweb hosting, which performs better for much less.

Unless, of course,  you prefer admiring external art over your own business website performance.


Browserweb's Pricing and Features

Unlimited WordPress installs / websites with Browserweb.

Free CDN.

Free Multisite.

Fully loaded Managed WordPress hosting with transparent pricing.

With FlyWheel, Multisite and CDN is charged at $10 per month, per site on most common plans.

If we take their own "Preferred" plan, which is the personal plan, then you're paying $50 per month, which is double the cost of our Level I Managed WordPress plan.

p.s. That's for one website only, at Browserweb you can enjoy unlimited websites and WordPress installations.