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A truly "Managed" Experience Web Hosting Company

The managed hosting experience should be all about ensuring that you, the customer, receives the best possible attention and timely access to support and inquiries.

We strive to ensure that service level is what you'll receive at Browserweb. Your account here is stacked with support driven tools, from accessing your digital downloads, to creating support tickets and receiving important account updates via sms text message.

We have a comprehensive FAQ and Document library and we're adding to those often to ensure you're kept up-to-date.

At Browserweb, we take our own slogan to heart, "when ordinary is never enough" - that encompasses our support as well.

Hosting Products, Services & Current Offers


Our servers that host your website(s)
have been injected
with performance enhancing software
ensure your website pages
load in the fastest way possible.


From firewalls to caging,
we make sure
your shared server space
enjoys independent protection from others,
viruses and ensures privacy of data.


Stability is key
to prevent performance spikes,
slowdowns and downtime
by limiting and partitioning
server resources.


Our hosting comes with email.
However, you can enjoy email messages
that get scanned as they come in and go out.
If you don’t have an exchange mail server,
we offer Spam Protection.


You enjoy free https security protection
automatically via Let’s Encrypt.
You may also upgrade
or bring-your-own SSL Certificate
for further security coverage.


Images and website files
hosted in the Cloud.
If you want super fast websites,
you should serve your website files
from the cloud and we’re setup for CDN.

Performance Engineering

Don’t Overpay for User-Based Priced File Sharing SAAS

If your business or organization is subscribing to a SAAS vendor for your secure file sharing on a user-level basis, we are confident you're paying too much. With our hosting we offer secure file-sharing which is based on your allotted disk space, not your user-base. If you need more storage space, we can increase your storage as needed (additional fees will apply).

Managed or Self-Managed WordPress Hosting

It's not the best kept secret. We've been using WordPress since it launched back in the mid-2000's so we know it's capabilities and it's achilles heel when it comes to web security.


From blazing fast web page load times to advanced firewalls and anti-spam protection, we've optimized our hosting for WordPress content management system (CMS) and it's plugin sister, Woocommerce (for eCommerce stores) to make it a reliable and secure server system on our domain-partitioned shared hosting environment.


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 Speed for All

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we don't discriminate. It's fast load times for all.

 Secure & Reliable

We've had recent times where speed conflicted with our stringent security rules. But we persisted. Enjoy a secure and fast hosting platform for your website(s).

From GoDaddy to WP Engine

We are #1 for page speed and our guarantees. Read the Best Web Host Review Report (updated).