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Shopify vs Woocommerce

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Storefront is the official free theme from the folks at Woocommerce.  This theme covers all the basics of this powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress.


You can extend your Storefront-powered store with special features at any time, making it a flexible solution for your business.


WooCommerce is an open-source, completely flexible and dynamic eCommerce platform for businesses and personal brands worldwide.

Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and let your shop shine with your own brand and style.


WordPress and Woocommerce powers nearly 30% of businesses online. That means you’ve got access to thousands of developers, tutorials, themes, extensions, plugins and more. With a simple and intuitive adminstrator dashboard for store owners and customers alike, you’ll be managing your online store in a jiffy.

We tested Shopify's Web Hosting partner
Simple Helix page speeds

The results were rather depressing - that is, if you're a Shopify vendor.



Shopify & Simple Helix Web Hosting



We learned that Shopify was getting a bit of a hard time from Citron about their company value, lack of turning a profit since inception and other tasty bites, all of which you can read on the Reuters news release HERE.

We received notice that Shopify has a “Best in Class” new web host partner, namely SimpleHelix.com and that peaked our interest. So, in Browserweb’s normal approach, after checking out the offers website, we did our usual page speed test. Truth be said, we kinda thought it would suck as when you see the https with insecure items error icon on the home page, that doesn’t bode well.

The results, well, 11.7s is the slowest of all the web hosts we tested in our Web Hosting Review Report. On top of that they are one of these companies that promote $19.95 per month for shared hosting and then you have to read the small print and click on the true monthly cost which is $24.95 – the $19.95 is the “equivalent price” if you pay annually. We really disfavor this type of marketing. So we’re adding Helix to the helium tank and blowing up the truth about their web hosting.

ps, The fact remains, Shopify provides excellent and affordable service to millions of small businesses and that should be applauded. That said, you’re renting, not owning your online business and that’s not a great investment. Sure, the costs are cheaper initially, but we suggest you consider WordPress and their “Shopify” equivalent of a store, called Woocommerce.

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